Teen Acting Revolution Training Program by Teen Acting Revolution
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Teen Acting Revolution Training Program

Step by step, master teachers Larry Silverberg and Denise Simon, teach you the skills of great acting.
Enrollment is closed


This is a 12 week online course that begins right when you sign up! 

Do the course on your schedule and at your pace!

  • Each week you will learn new concepts and skills with specific acting exercises to practice during the week.
  • You will learn how to take a script and bring the character to life and then, how to give a deeply human and vibrantly alive performance! 
  • You will work along side Nickelodeon TV star, Kristi Beckett, as she works with Larry and Denise, leading up to the ultimate performance of the part.
  • You also receive "The Character Formula", a way to approach every character you will ever have to play as you learn how to bring the power of your uniqueness to your acting!
  • You also get lessons on getting into the industry as well as preparing to apply to the college acting program of your choice.

Master the Art of True Acting Now with Larry and Denise!

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Revolutionary Online Training & Coaching for Teen Actors​

Where teen actors are mentored, and the parents are supported, by two of the world's great acting coaches.